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About Psychoanalysis

About Psychoanalysis | Debra A. Hill, MD

As a psychotherapist in Laguna Hills, CA Debra A. Hill, MD. works with patients of all ages in a compassionate and caring manner to...

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Parenting Information

Parenting Information | Debra A. Hill, MD

Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings There is a direct connection between how kids feel and how they behave

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Pharmacological Testing

Pharmacological Testing | Debra A. Hill, MD

Your genetics influence how certain enzyme systems in your liver work to metabolize certain medications.

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Providing Psychiatric Evaluations, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Play Therapy for Children

Pharmocongenetic DNA Drug Sensitivity Testing & Medication when indicated for:
Adults, Adolescents, Children & Mothers with Infants

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