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Pharmacogenetic Testing

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Why Should I do Pharmacological Testing?
Genetic Factors can impact a patients response to medications more than age, sex, weight, and health. Your genetics influence how certain enzyme systems in your liver work to metabolize certain medications. The enzyme systems can underwork or overwork. Knowing your genetic profile can help guide me in the safest and most effective medication to assist you – especially if you are taking other medications as well.

When Should Pharmacogenetic Testing be done?
It is especially useful if you or a family member have had an adverse drug reaction in the past, or have had a lack of response to various medications. It is also useful if you plan to start antidepressants and wish to reduce the time and trials spent finding the right drug and right dose. It’s helped to prevent drug interactions if you are taking various anticancer drugs, heart medications, pain medications, or you plan to take medication with an FDA warning about gene interactions. Lastly, if you are taking a number of medications for other health conditions and are considering taking psychotic medication, it can be helpful in avoiding drug interactions.

How is Genetic Testing done?
It is a simple swab inside of the cheek, and is then mailed in to the lab.

How long does it take to get results?
It takes about 5 business days for the results to be available.

Does Insurance Cover this kind of test?
Most private insurances, and medicare cover this testing.

Will I need to do this test again in my lifetime?
No, this is a one time test. Once you have the results, they are good for a lifetime, and can help any doctor know the safest and most effective medications to prescribe for you.

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